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Radiant Flooring

Radiant Heating Service

Radiant floor heating provides a more even heat distribution without the high temperatures and high prices associated with forced air. When using forced air heating, your home's furnace superheats the air and blows it into the home where it rises and then slowly descends as it cools. Radiant heat uses either heated water that comes from a boiler or heated electronic filaments and then heat slowly emanates from all areas of the floor.

Forced air heat only comes up from the vents, but radiant in-floor heat comes from the entire floor. As a result, you never have to worry about having a cold floor again.

Radiant Floor Maintenance

Even though there are no filters to change and ducts to clean, your radiant floor system still has to be regularly inspected and maintained. Ideally, inspections should be done once every year. At The Heat & Air Team, we'll provide a complete inspection and pressure check of your home's radiant floor unit. When properly maintained, a radiant flooring system can last for decades.

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